Benjamin Pierce
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Sexuality: Pansexual
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Ben
Family & Friends
Family: Family Of 7
Other Information
Education: Glendale High School (Current)
Strengths: Intelligence, Voice, Acting, Humor, Friendly (except for popular kids), Semi-Athletic
Weaknesses: Self-Conscious, Awkward, Shy (around adults)
Series Information
First appearance: The Audition
Portrayer: Michael Wiesman


Ben can act very differently, depending on who he is with. Around adults and his family, he's respectful, quiet, orderly, and kind. However, around his friends and most other people, he is a bit wild, a jokester, and often the center of attention. He makes friends easily, and is pretty popular. Despite this, Ben avoids the jocks and "popular" clique, who he is actually scared of. Ben tends to become quiet and very awkward around them, because he is worried about himself and his social life being ruined. He also keeps his innermost thoughts to himself, like how he wants to be a star, be the most popular and athletic in his school, and who he has crushes on. Ben is very smart (straight A+ student), and can easily read people and know some of their secrets.

Throughout his life, Ben has had many girls become attracted to him, due to his looks, personality, and talents. However, he has not become particularly attracted to any of these girls, and has never felt the need to have a girlfriend. Ben is waiting for "the one," who he has still not found yet. He does not know who this person is, but thinks he will know him/her when he sees whoever this is.


Ben is the middle child in a family of 7, so he has never been the center of attention in his house. However, he stands out at school, which has made him many friends. Ben has played sports from a young age and has always been the smartest in his class, but has never pictured himself doing anything about that in his future. He has always wanted to be famous, starring in movies and singing on the radio. However, Ben has always kept this dream quiet and to himself.


  • Favourite Subject is History
  • Least Favourite Subject is Science