Cassidy Holbrook
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair Color: Brunette
Sexuality: Lesbian
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Cassie(Friends)
Lesbian Chick (Everyone)
Whore, Slut, Bitch (Enemies)
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown Mother
Unknown Father (Deceased)
Unknown Sister
Relationships: Ellie - Girlfriend
Friends: Ellie - Bestfriend
Other Information
Education: Glendale High School (Current)
Strengths: Her Girlfriend, singing and dancing.
Weaknesses: Having arguments with her girlfriend.
Series Information
First appearance: Love/Hate
Portrayer: Nina Dobrev


Cassie is a sassy, carefree and popular student in her highschool, along with her bestfriend Ellie. All the boys follow her. She gets easily annoyed. She was addicted to facebook, twitter and others. She also watches Glee.


Cassie grew up with wealthy parents and a younger sister, in Canada. She loved the perks of being rich but just wanted to be a little more like a normal kid. This dream was shattered when she was 10 her mother and father had a fight, which lead to them splitting. Her mother and younger sister all loved her and told her they would support her. After many months, they found out that her father died after having a heart attack. She and her family decided to move to New York.


Cassie is introduced as an minor character on the series, She along with her bestfriend, Ellie. She is introduced to be an typical slut and a bitchy cheerleader who remakes a sweet but slutty attitude. It is later revealed that she is aggressiveness towards boys is due to the fact that she is struggling with her romantic feelings towards Ellie, and subsequently with her lesbian identity. However in season 2 she will be going to be a guest star and will go graduate on this season while her bestfriend Ellie needs to repeat her senior years.

Season 1Edit


She will make her first appearance on this episode.

Season 2Edit

She will be graduating and will be studying at University of Louisville.


  • Her Favourite Subject is Music, English and Arts.
  • Her Least Favourite Subject is Math.
  • She is not seduced by CJ's Killer Smile.
  • Hates JB, 1D, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and More.
  • She thinks Hinton is too sexy to be gay.
  • She likes gays, She thinks their world is colorful.