Josh Howard
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Sexuality: Bi-curious
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: Amelia Howard (Mother)

Rory Howard (Father)

Other Information
Education: Glendale High School (Current)
Strengths: Academics, Wit, Art, Singing
Weaknesses: Any Physical activity, Too Judgemental
Series Information
First appearance: Love/Hate
Portrayer: Ed Sheeran


Josh is a generally introverted person, trying to avoid popular cliques and groups at all costs. Whilst he is generally seen as the 'sweet naive British exchange student', once getting to know him, Josh actually has a very sharp wit and a cynical view on the world around him, from past experiences. He avoids confrontation with any jocks or cheerleaders, but he normally has a burning insult or comeback on his tongue, only revealed to his close friends.

Though he tries not to be, he is quite judgemental on people especially the more vain and distasteful cliques in the school and his first impressions often stick, making his chances of becoming buddies with members of the football team for example very unlikely. He believes 'Hipsters' are an 'insipid' species, which need to be killed off before their numbers increase more.

Also, Josh takes much pride in his excessively geeky habits, regularly having Doctor Who/Harry Potter marathons, "fangirling" over the latest spoilers and worshipping Steven Moffat. He has read the entire 'Harry Potter' & 'Hunger Games' series, dozens of times and can quote all dialogue from 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. He has a talent for Art (running an excessive fanart tumblr), and uses it to take away the stress of school life.


Josh spent the first 10 years of his life in England, with his British parents (Amelia & Rory), and lived happily, and very different to his current self, being happy and optimistic towards the world, never judging anyone. But his father's job in a bank, caused them to move to different parts of the world (France, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada etc) for the next 3 years of his life, never spending more than 6 months in one location creating a very lonely world for Josh. He became immersed in the different cultures and styles of music in the world, learning to love singing.

Eventually, his father was finally offered a steadily paid job for the bank in (wait for it ;) ) Dallas, Texas. Excited to finally stay in one place, Josh entered Middle School (8th grade) but quickly learn't things weren't as simple as they were before. Bullied for his demeanor, accent and geekiness, Josh's outlook on the world steadily changed as he became very cynical and his current personality today. The bullying caused him to switch schools where he closed himself off from most people, only being himself in his close friendship group. He hopes High School will be a chance for him to finally open up and prove to the 'shallow minded sheep' in the school he has a voice.


  • Favourite Subject is Art/English
  • Least Favourite Subject is PE