Katy Callaghan
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: October, 09
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Kate, Katy
Family & Friends
Family: Deacon Callaghan - Age 43 - Buissiness Owner

Deirdre Callaghan - Age 39 - Buissiness Owner

Aiden Callaghan - Age 20 - College Student - Lives in Dorm

Liam Scott Callaghan - Age 5 - Twin to Caleigh

Caleigh Leslie Callaghan - Age 5 - Twin to Liam

Pet(s): Golden Retriver - Chance
Other Information
Education: Glendale High School (Current)
Talent: Acting, Singing, Writing
Strengths: Kate is talented in acting and gains easy A's in english class, she is also a reasonably talented singer
Weaknesses: Kate has difficulty making friends and isn't a very good dancer. Can be shy and awkward at times.
Series Information
First appearance: Love/Hate
Portrayer: Rachel Hurd-Wood


Kate is a shy girl when it comes to making friends. She doesn't think before she speaks and this causes great difficulty when trying to make friends. She's also rather stubborn and blunt at times. Kate is a very sweet girl but if you get her mad she has a quick temper and is quick to act on it. Kate can be very loud, random, dramatic and enthusiastic at times, causing people to beleive she is immature, while in all actuality, she is very mature. She likes to read a lot and most times prefers to stick her nose in a book than talk to people. Kate can come off as quiet and distant when you first meet her, so don't expect her to start a conversation the minute she meets you. She is very protective of her family and friends, willing to stand up for them no matter what.


Katherine Elizabeth Callaghan is the daughter of Deirdre Fionnoula Callaghan and Deacon Cody Callaghan. Kate's parents were orignally from Mullingar, Ireland but eventually moved to America in hopes of a better life for their children whom were born in Ireland. Kate has an elder brother, Aiden Niall Callaghan, who is twenty years old. She also has three younger siblings. Katy's family is in the middle-class standing of society and they live in a medium sized four bedroom bungalow in the suburban area of town. Kate has just moved to America and it's her first year attending an American school, she is worried about being bullied for where she's from, along with her accent and other things. She is close to her siblings and parents, they mean the world to her. Kate was bullied for most of her elementary school days.


  • Favourite Subject is English
  • Least Favourite Subject is Gym
  • Idolizes Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and One Direction
  • Loves Niall Horan and Liam Payne
  • Has an Irish Accent