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Mash Me Up!
Season 1, Episode 11
First Aired TBA
Written By Hinton
Episode Guide
"Stole My Heart"

Mash Me Up! is the eleventh episode of The Spotlight Stealers. It is also the mashup episode.


With Regionals getting closer Hinton warns the group about the National 4th place Show Choir, Fusion, and their simply flawless mashups. Upon hearing this Lucas decides that The Spotlight Stealers will do a boys vs girls mash off when the group grows bored he states they can perform mashups freely throughout the week.







  • We Will Rock You/Animal by Queen/Neon Trees. Sung by The Spotlight Stealer Boys
  • When You're Gone/Thinking of You by Avril Lavinge/Katy Perry. Sung by The Spotlight Stealer Girls
  • Bad Romance/I Love Rock n Roll by Lady GaGa/Joan Jett and The Black Hearts. The Spotlight Stealers
  • We Found Love/Toxic by Rihanna feat Calvin Harris/Britney Spears. Sung by Brandon, TBA & TBA
  • Like a Virgin/Super Bass by Madonna/Nicki Minaj. Sung by Amy, Brandon, DJ, Hinton & Nemo with The Spirit Sensations
  • Titanium/LaserLight by David Guetta feat. Sia/Jessie J feat. David Guetta. Sung by Ace & Dakota
  • Tik Tok/Telephone by Ke$ha/Lady GaGa feat. Beyonce. Sung by Cassidy, Epiphany & Narise
  • Va Va Voom/Put Your Graffiti by Nicki Minaj/Kat Graham. Sung by Hinton, TBA & TBA
  • Free/Price Tag by Natalia Kills/Jessie J. Sung by The Spotlight Stealers